Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Signed copies for home delivery

The book Phoenix Park a history and guidebook is going into its third printing since launch on December 8.

It has featured on the just published shelves and on the tables in Eason's of O'Connell Street for some 18 weeks without a break, and other outlets are also prominently featuring the book, so it's no wonder sales are staying steady.

On the web it is available through Amazon, Eason's, and the publisher Liffey Press websites as well as other sales site.

As well, we have added a new sales point for personally signed copies delivered to your home.

For signed copies go here

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Three weekends in a row

Easter weekend 2006 was the third weekend in a row that the book and or author were featured in newspapers.

On April 1, we were on Mooney goes Wild on RTE radio and in the Evening Herald.

On April 8, the book was mentioned in the Horizons column of the Irish Times.

On April 15, Easter Sunday, the Irish edition of the Sunday Times ran a two page feature in one of its supplements and Brendan Nolan was interviewed.

Sadly, no jacket of the book appeared, nor was the website address included in the factbox and no author picture was used despite an invitation from the paper to be photographed extensively in the Park, which we agreed to do.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

new roundabout slows traffic

A temporary roundabout on Chesterfield Avenue is expected to reduce traffic accidents on the park's busiest road.

In recent years eight minor roads were closed leading to a 50 per cent reduction in traffic accidents.

The latest roundabout is on Mountjoy Cross, one of the busiest junctions in Phoenix Park which currently experiences some 30,000 car journeys a day.

more news here

Monday, April 03, 2006

April Fool in the park

Listeners to the RTE radio programme Mooney goes Wild on One were surprised to hear a "live" story from Phoenix Park on April Fool's Day.

It was announced that protestors had arrived to demonstrate at what was claimed was a proposal to build a dual-carriageway with ten metre high screening walls down Chesterfield Avenue.

It was said to be part of the Amended Programme for Rail Integrated with Luas: First Official On-Line report.

April Fool

We were there. see here